FeedGeni vs Flexify - Which is the Best Shopify Product Feeds App

FeedGeni vs Flexify – Which is the Best Shopify Product Feeds App?

If you are running a Shopify store then you probably know how difficult it is to market products on various channels and social platforms. There are numerous popular channels that you have to list your products in so as to reach the maximum of people and get them to your store.

Each one of these social platforms has its unique set of ways/guidelines of listing products on its websites. Some want photos to be perfectly cropped, product dimensions to be listed uniquely and others may require a different style of displaying a product name or the brand.

The point is that it is extremely confusing and time-consuming to tailor your product information according to the platform requirement and this becomes extremely confusing when you are dealing with hundreds/thousands of products.

Thus it involves a crazy amount of manual effort and expertise to perfectly match their requirement and list your product effectively on social platforms. This is where the need for a Shopify Product Feeds App kicks in.

In this article, I have discussed what exactly is a Shopify product feeds app on Shopify and how it can help you to list your product on social platforms to reach out to potential buyers. Also, I’ve compared Flexify and FeedGeni and discussed their best features.

What is a Product Feeds App?

A Product Feeds App in Shopify enables Shopify Merchants to automatically Generate and Optimize Product Feeds for multiple social/marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, etc.

This product feed aka the data feed is a CSV/XML/TXT file that consists of your store’s product information that is optimized for the intended social platform which is then sent to be listed on that platform and later the information be shown to the buyers in the form of an advertisement.

This feed is generated automatically when you install and set up the product feeds app. This removes all the manual work that goes in and eliminates the chances of any human error while optimizing the product information.

3 Advantages of using a Shopify Products Feeds App

Complete Product data

Complete and Precise Product data can help the shopping channels decide what product to display to the shopper for the requested search query. If you are using a Data Feeds app then it increases the chances that your product is displayed to the user.

Data Accuracy

Product Listings need to be accurate. If your store’s product inventory and the product listings data vary then it can cause chaos when a product goes out of stock but has already been bought by the user. Product Feeds App can help you avoid these situations by constantly updating your social listings with your inventory.

Update and Edit Products in Bulk

Product Feeds App lets you carry out product updates in bulk. If you have thousands of products in your store it becomes a herculean task to update the product attribute changes. But this can be done easily with the bulk edit feature of the feeds app thus saving you a lot of time.

So, we now know what exactly is a Product Feeds App. Now let us compare Flexify and Feedgeni, the two popular Shopify Data Feeds apps.

FeedGeni vs Flexify – Features Comparison

As we know, a product feeds app can be really helpful if you are running a store with thousands of products and want to automate the whole process of Product Feed Generation and timely feed submission.

What if these apps help you in managing a lot more stuff other than feed generation? Let’s find out what these apps have to offer and take a look at their best features.

FeedGeni – Product Feed Generator

FeedGeni – Product Feed Generator

FeedGeni is a Shopify Product Feed Generator App for generating product feeds for Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, and other 30+ Shopping Channels.

FeedGeni can help you generate and manage multiple feeds for a variety of social platforms from a single place without letting you move from your store.

The Feed generator app supports popular shopping channels like Google Shopping (all regions), Facebook Shop, Bing Ads, Instagram++, Pinterest, Snapchat, Connexity, MyShopping, PriceMe, PriceRunner, and more.

Using Shopify FeedGeni App you can map products and ensure the product attributes, headers, etc. are matched correctly in the required format for the Shopping Channels.

The Feed Generator supports feeds in XML, CSV, and TXT format and lets you set custom inventory rules to automatically optimize your new products so they can be used right away.

FeedGeni also helps in Weight Conversion to convert from one unit to another, Setting up Custom Google Labels, Set Product Filters, Create Custom Tax Rules, and much more.

Striking Features

  • Super Simple 5 Step Setup Process
  • 30+ Shopping Channels Supported
  • Provides Insightful Traffic Analysis
  • Automatically Updates your Feed
  • Quickly Edit Products in Bulk with Bulk Editor Feature
  • Multiple Shopping Feed Product Attributes Synced


  • Free Base Plan
  • Basic $19.99/month ( upto 1000 products )
  • Pro $49.99/month ( upto 5000 products )
  • Enterprise $99.99/month (upto 100,000 products )

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed

Flexify Product Feed

Flexify is a popular Shopify Product Feed App that is primarily focused on optimizing products for the Facebook Product Catalog. The app also supports Facebook Shops helping you to sell products on your Facebook Shop.

Do you want to create targeted product ads on multiple Social Platforms? Flexify can be used to market products on platforms like Instagram, Google, Pinterest too.

Configure the campaign only once and forget, you do not have to manually configure each ad the app takes care of that and promotes your product without any manual effort.

Flexify makes sure the product information displayed to the user is up-to-date by constantly synching your products and the app also offers hourly sync.

The app lets you choose the products to sync, now decide what gets synced all of them or just a subset.

Striking Features

  • Easy to Setup and use
  • Generate Feeds in bulk, Free Plan supports up to 1000 products
  • Image Resizing Available
  • Cross-Device, reach people on any devices
  • Reaches thousands of buyers on Facebook and Instagram


  • Free Base Plan
  • Premium Small – $29/month ( upto 2000 products )
  • Premium Medium – $49/month ( upto 5000 products )
  • Premium Large – $79/month ( upto 9000 products )


Product Feeds Apps on Shopify are the best solution to generate maximum shopping traffic by targeting potential buyers from various Shopping Platforms.

These Feed Generator Apps help to automate the process of generating and submitting product feeds and completely eliminate the chances of human misconduct in generating the product feeds.

Choose the Shopify app that suits you better and by considering your store’s requirements and your budget.

Keep in mind that investing in a good product feed app and automatically updating product feeds is always better than losing out customers due to outdated feeds and incorrect product data.

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