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How to Boost Your Shopify Store Sales: From Zero to Hero with Feed Generator

Concerned about your store’s performance? Every store owner wants to know the secrets tricks that bring truckloads of traffic to their Shopify store that converts and boosts sales. But it is not that simple.

Running an Online Store means ‘living life on the edge’ they say, one silly mistake in interpreting the shoppers’ intent is enough to affect the sales count and benefit your competitor. Remember, Your mistakes are a golden opportunity for your competitor thus doubling your trouble.

So, how do you Boost your Shopify Store Sales and Prevent your store’s traffic from dwindling away? In this article, I have discussed how Shopify Product Feed Generator App can help you solve this problem and I’ve also shared some bonus tips that will help you to keep the visitor traffic flowing.

Boost Shopify Store Sales with Product Feed Generator

FeedGeni – Product Feed Generator – Explained

Product Feed Generator aka FeedGeni or Feed Generator is a Shopify Product Feeds App that helps Shopify Merchants to generate, manage and optimize Product Feeds for various Popular Shopping Channels like Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, and more.

Product Feeds are essential for your Store’s Products to be exhibited on various shopping channels. These feeds are stored in an XML, or CSV file and later submitted to the Marketing/Shopping channel of your choice.

So, in simple terms what happens is that whenever a buyer searches for a query related to any of your products, these Shopping Channels display your product as ads, thus increasing the chances of the buyer purchasing your listed product.

This Feed Generator App removes the manual efforts that go into generating feeds by automatically generating and updating the feeds. Meaning zero human error and complete product attributes.

The app automatically updates the product feeds when there is any change in your inventory thus saving you from many unforeseen circumstances that can cost you hard.

Product Feed Generator App is the best tool for generating product feeds. It has helped thousands of Merchants generate maximum sales with the least manual efforts.

How Product Feeds Generator can help you?

Boost Your Shopify Store Sales - Product Feed Generator - FeedGeni

Sell on 30+ Shopping Channels

Feed Generator App is built to work with 30+ Popular Shopping Channels thus widening the scope and reaching out to buyers from all around the world that use these Shopping engines.

It supports multiple shopping channels like Amazon Channel, Google Channel/Google Shopping Feed (All regions), Bing Shopping, Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Pinterest Product Feed, Snapchat, Connexity, MyShopping, PriceMe, Pricerunner, SortPrice, Getprice, etc.

Thus you have ample channels to list your products on so you can now focus on your business and worry less about generating sales.

Sync Multiple Attributes

You always want to convey complete and precise information about your products to the buyers so they can take a quick buying decision. However, this precision goes for a toss when you update each shopping feed manually as there is a serious risk of human error involved.

Feed Generator solves this problem by syncing the Shopping Feed Attributes. Attributes like Product Categorization for specific channels, Variant Images, Product Conditions, Price, Sale Price, Gender, Age Group, Color, Size, Custom Product Details, GTIN, ISBN, Brand Name, Custom Labels, Product Types, Product & variant IDs, etc. are synced automatically.

Do Bulk Edit Fast and Quick

There may be times when you have to do changes in bulk and you will need a bulk editor feature. FeedGeni comes with a bulk editor that could help you in this process.

Whether you are editing your products for price changes or simply adding new information, Feed Generator’s powerful bulk editor makes it a snap. Select multiple products at once and edit their attributes in bulk – a time-saving feature that will save you time and money.

Set Your Product Mapping

FeedGeni has many useful features, and one of them is that of mapping products. You have to map your product attributes with FeedGeni’s Attributes before your feed is submitted to the channel.

It basically helps you match FeedGeni’s File Headers eg. Product Details like Title, Description, Price, etc. with your store’s headers.

Though this is done automatically when you install the app on Shopify in the first place. But if you still want to have control over it then you are always free to do it.

Set Inventory Rules

With Inventory Rules you can make additions to your Product Feed. If Shopify doesn’t allow you to add certain fields but the fields are required by your comparison shopping site then you can add the required fields by setting the inventory rules.

Example: Adding Gender and Age Group, With Inventory rules, you can add the Gender and Age group fields to your product data as well as several other fields you might want to add.

Create Custom Feeds

If a marketplace or comparison shopping site is not integrated with FeedGeni yet, you can use our custom feed feature and create product feeds from scratch.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to get a file sample from the shopping channel you want to advertise on, and later map each field or header in the sample file with the FeedGeni’s headers.

Weight Conversion

Product Feed Generator App makes it easy to convert weights from one unit to another using the weight conversion rule. If you are on a shopping channel that requires a different weight unit from what’s on your Shopify store the app gets you covered.

And, the features list goes on and on, find all the FeedGeni’s features.

5 Tips to Keep the Visitor Traffic Flowing on Your Store

#1 Optimize Your Shopify Store for Search Engines

What better than having free organic traffic flowing to your store. This is possible only when you hit the right strings and work on optimizing your store to make it discoverable to the search engines.

Use Shopify SEO App that can help you in optimizing your store and handle all SEO issues automatically without distracting you. We recommend SEO Doctor App.

#2 Run Marketing Campaigns

It is a proven old technique to indulge more and more customers by running targeted marketing campaigns. Emails are the most cost-effective way to reach your customers and draw them back to your store.

Shoot emails to the customer when they make their first purchase, remind them of abandoned cart, send post-purchase mail, send updates about your company, etc., and keep them engaged.

#3 Create a Beautiful Landing Page

Landing Pages Work, a beautiful landing page increases the chances of conversions and leaves a positive impact on the shopper’s mind.

Make sure to include, a straightforward CTA, engaging headlines, high-quality images, clear product’s positive points, and Social Proofs like Testimonials and Customer Reviews.

#4 Social Media Marketing

Now almost everybody that shops online is on social media. Take advantage of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and build a strong presence.

If needed, you can even take the help of influencers who can promote your brand to their followers and you could pay them in return.

#5 Announce Giveaways or Lucky Draws

Giveaways is a common term now. Almost every influencer, businesses, and brands announce giveaways as they become an instant hit among the social community.

You can take help if influencers or run contests on your own. This will definitely increase visitor traffic to your store and may even boost your Shopify Store Sales.

Conclusive Thoughts

Using the tactics mentioned above you should be able to improve your online store’s traffic. Your goal is to drive more traffic to your online store because that gives you more opportunities to convert casual shoppers to become loyal customers.

Hope this article helped you in understanding how to Boost Your Shopify Store Sales using the Product Feed Generator App. Here’s an article that compares FeedGeni with Flexify.

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