Top 10 Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds [2021 Compared]

Top 10 Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds [2021 List]

Hope you are cognizant of the Product Feeds that are omnipresent yet often neglected by many. Let’s set things straight, Product Feeds are something that every Shopify Store owner should be aware of in order to get maximum product visibility and increased sales from various shopping channels in 2021.

Product feeds are the ones that are of significant importance which help expose your products to various shopping channels like Google, Bing, Amazon, Shopzilla, etc., with the aim to indirectly reach the intended audience who search for the related products.

In this article, we’ve listed the Top 10 Shopify Apps for Product Feeds and explained what exactly are Shopify product feeds also why you should use a feed management app for the benefit of your thriving Shopify Store.

If you own a Shopify Store with a few products then it becomes very simple to advertise the products and export the product catalog directly to the channel.

Whereas if you plan to advertise a large number of products from your store you definitely want to use a Shopify feeds app and churn out more visitor juice then start working on implementing dynamic product feeds for Greater visibility with minimum hassle.

Well, this is not the only benefit of having a good Shopify Product Feeds App below are some more:

  • Receive Better Quality Scores when your product data is complete and totally explain the product.
  • Ability to sell products on multiple Shopping Channels
  • Better Data Accuracy by keeping the inventory thoroughly in sync with the channel listings.
  • Get out of the struggle to manually update the data that is sent to all the channels and replace it with automatically updating the product feeds and all the channels directly from your Shopify store.
  • Flexible Product Data that can be manipulated and enhanced to get the maximum conversions by clicks and impressions. And, the list goes on…

List of the Best Product Feeds Apps discussed in this article:

#1 Product Feed Generator by FeedGeni
#2 Feed For Google Shopping by Simprosys InfoMedia
#3 Flexify: Facebook Product Feed by Flexify AG
#4 Shopping Feed for Google by CedCommerce
#5 Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio
#6 DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed by DataFeedWatch
#7 Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot
#8 Multiple Google Shopping Feeds by WoolyTech
#9 Shoppingfeed by Shoppingfeed Inc
#10 Omega Shopping Feeds by Omega Commerce

Benefits of using the Product Feed Apps on Shopify

Easy Store Data Management for Stores that contain Hundreds of Products

More product means more data and more complexity. Handling such a large number of data required utmost accuracy and dedication or else a single mistake can flush out hundreds of dollars. Here automation can be of great help and totally eliminate the chances of incomplete or incorrect data.

Managing a Shopify Store with Multiple Shopping Channels

You need to understand the fact that the product data in your Shopify store is solely optimized for your store and not for any other shopping channel.

Meaning each Shopping Channel has its own set of rules, specifications, or requirements of how they want your inventory data to be optimized for them. This is where the need for Product Feed Apps comes in as they can help you optimize the data for various shopping/marketing channels while keeping the optimizations you’ve made for your own store intact.

Stores that sell Seasonal Products or the Catalog Changes Frequently

Data of a Shopify Store that deals with the selling of physical/virtual products are volatile in nature. You need to understand that things like Color, Sizes, Patterns, Prices are bound to change/discontinue anytime.

So it becomes a pain to manually updating the data in all the shopping channels here is where the product data feed apps can be of great help by automatically updating the data on the channels by syncing it from the product inventory.

Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds

#1 Product Feed Generator by FeedGeni

Product Feed Generator by FeedGeni

Product Feed Generator is one of the best Shopify Product Feeds App that can generate, manage, and optimize feeds helping you to list your products on popular shopping channels like Google Shopping, Facebook Shop, Bing Ads, Instagram, Snapchat, and 30+ shopping channels around the world.

The Product Feed Generator App can effectively sync an array of Shopping Feed Product Attributes including Product Categories, Variant Images, Product Conditions, Brand Name, Price/Sale Price, Gender, Age Group, Size, Color, Product Types, Custom Labels, GSTIN, ISBN, and much more.

It eliminates the pain of manually generating and updating the feeds on every channel when it can be controlled directly from one dashboard using the app.

The Feed Generator App also ensures Title Optimization so that the search engines can easily find the product listings and display them whenever requested.

Advanced features like Product Mapping which ensures the product attributes are matched perfectly with the standards and Inventory Rules Setting which ensures future products that will be imported are ready to be used by shopping channels.

Free Trial: Available

Key Features:

  • Ability to list and sell products on multiple platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest, and more.
  • Automatic Feed updation as soon as new products are added the addition is reflected in all the listed channels.
  • Bulk Edit Feature makes it easy to quickly edit multiple products and their attributes.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Basic $19.99/month | Pro $49.99/month | Enterprise $99.99/month

#2 Feed For Google Shopping by Simprosys InfoMedia

Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds - Feed For Google Shopping
Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds – Feed For Google Shopping

Feed For Google Shopping is another Shopify Product Feeds app that can make managing product feeds simple for you. The app lets its users run various feeds and advertising campaigns via. its API for various marketing and sales channels like Google Shopping, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, Bing/Microsoft Ads, and a lot more.

The Shopify feeds app focuses on listing quality product data with its ability to support numerous attributes for all Marketing and Sales Channels. You can even bulk-edit attributes using the built-in filters.

By installing some content translation apps the Shopify app claims to set up multi-currency checkouts. The app can also create a Promotion Feed and assign promotions that focus on some specific products or all the products in the given catalog.

Create and Manage Campaigns easily directly from the app without logging into the individual platforms. Other than that the app also supports SKU as product ID format so migrating to the app is super simple without hampering product-level performance.

Free Trial: 21 Days Free Trial

Key Features:

  • Variant selection options in the search results improve CTR thus maximizing orders
  • Targeted Promotions Feed to specific products or on all products
  • Quick Product Updation including details like Stock Status, Pricing, Title, Description, SKU, Photos, Promotions, etc.

Pricing: Up to 500 products – $4.99/month | 501-1000 products – $8.99/month | 1001-5000 products – $13.99/month | 5001- 10000 products – $17.99/month

#3 Flexify: Facebook Product Feed by Flexify AG

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed by Flexify AG

Flexify is another app in the list of the Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds. The app can sync your store and its products with Facebook and Instagram to create Dynamic Product Ads.

The App removes any need for manual updation or having to configure each individual ad and can automatically sync the Facebook Product Catalog. It can also hourly sync your catalog to various channels including Google Product Feed and Pinterest.

Using the App you can also run Targeted Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns and get the most out of your products. All in all the app lets you promote your products or the entire product catalog on the three social channels.

One of the benefits of using the Flexify app is that the ad campaigns you run work on multiple user devices regardless of how they first found your business.

The App also can be used to resize product images and using the product collections you choose which products to sync: all or a subset.

Free Trial: Available

Key Features:

  • Automatically sync your Shopify store’s products with Facebook Product Catalog for generating Dynamic Product Ads.
  • Cross-Device Availability meaning the app can follow the users using Facebook and Instagram across all their devices.
  • Resize and Sync Product Images that are always up-to-date and neatly cropped.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Premium-Small $29/month | Premium-Medium $49/month | Premium-Large $79/month

#4 Shopping Feed for Google by CedCommerce

Shopping Feed for Google by CedCommerce

Shopping Feed for Google is another Shopify Product Feed App that can list your product feeds and run Google Shopping Ads.

The app supports every Google program such as Shopping Actions, Shopping Ads, Surfaces across Google, Merchant Promotions, and Local Inventory Ads.

CedCommerce being an official Google Premier Partner new businesses signup for Google Advertising are eligible for $150 USD ad credits to their Google Ads account if they spend the same amount within the first month through the Google Shopping Feed & Actions App.

The App uses Google’s Content API which lets you update your inventory and other product-related information directly from your store that will reflect on the channels within 15 minutes.

It comes with features like profiling where the app can group products on the basis of various filters so that the process of listing products becomes a lot easier. Other than that the users can even set up Goals to track conversions and the performance of your business.

You can list products on Google Merchant Center either in bulk or one by one as per your need. You may also convey the product feed from the Merchant Center to many other Google Programs for selling globally.

Free Trial: Available

Key Features:

  • Free Google Shopping Listing plans for Organic Shopping Experience and broader product visibility
  • Ability to set up Google Ads, Conversion Tracking, and Goals for businesses also get a full-fledged report of your Ad Campaigns.
  • Easy selling on Google Shopping Actions through the app with Product and Order Management.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Silver $29/month | Gold $59/month | Diamond $99/month

#5 Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio

Instafeed is a Shopify App that lets you generate and manage Shoppable Instagram feeds from your Shopify Store.

The app specializes in generating minimal and elegant feeds that are less distractive and more attractive to your shoppers. The app timely drives fresh content to your store from Instagram keeping your store content always updated.

The app also can help you generate more followers and likes on Instagram by expanding the reach to more customers. You can choose what content needs to be shared and what not to making it blend seamlessly with your store.

The app also has an editor using which you can generate and display Instagram content quickly without any coding skills. Using the app you can build social proof thus converting your store visitors into possible customers.

The app is fully responsive and lightweight and doesn’t inject any code into your store thus keeping the speed of your store intact. Also, it can easily blend in with any themes that your store might be having without any issues.

Free Trial: Available

Key Features:

  • Receive more Instagram Followers and Likes by expanding the reach of your Instagram to visitors.
  • Using Instagram Content Keep your Store Content fresh and drive more content.
  • Shows your Instagram content on your store to create social proof. Thus Converting your store visitors into customers.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Instafeed Pro $3.99/month | Instafeed Plus $19.99/month

#6 DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed by DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed by DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch’s Shopping Feed can create and optimize shopping feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, and more shopping channels.

The app is easy to use and intuitive making you easily check the performance metrics. With the app, you can create, edit, and map your product feeds by setting complex rules and edit fields like Description, Title, URL, etc.

Using the app you can create your own feed template that exactly matches your needs. It can look up tables for missing information in the source feed.

There is no limit in processing product feeds and you can easily merge and unmerge your feed based on channel requirements. Exclude unprofitable products and make changes to your product titles.

The app also has a feature wherein you can copy your feeds from one channel and use them on other shopping channels.

Free Trial: 15 Day Free Trial

Key Features:

  • Easy to use app that comes with powerful tools like lookup tables, regular expressions, etc.
  • Target Shoppers around the world using channels like Google Shopping, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest, and more.
  • Ability to Create Complex Rules for Shopping Feeds with ease that can be fine-tuned as required.

Pricing: Shop Plan $39/month | Merchant Plan $69/month | Agency Plan $199/month | Enterprise Plan $275/month

#7 Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot

Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot

Google Shopping Feed is one of the best Shopify Product Feeds App that can easily generate full-fledged Google Shopping Product feeds to be used on Google Shopping, Instagram, and Bing Ads.

The app is fast and easy to use and comes with a single-click setup process. The feeds are updated every day to make them dynamic and up to date.

Generate a feed for each unique language + currency combination. It can be used to target customers from around the world and can generate a feed for each currency showing the exact price which you’ve personally set and not worry about currency conversion by Google.

The app will not advertise products that are out of stock whereas it will tag them correctly even with the continue/deny inventory policy.

Using the App you can even set the identifiers to Flasem if you don’t want to have auto generate GTIN numbers. The App also makes it possible to extend the Product Titles with options like color and size ensuring correct product variation is shown to the shoppers within Google Shopping.

Free Trial: 14 Day Free Trial

Key Features:

  • Single Shopify App can help create Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and Facebook Products Ads.
  • It can publish all of your store’s product variants with prices, colors, images, and sizes to the three shopping channels for better findability and quality.
  • Ability to advertise in Multiple Countries with varying currencies using Google Currency Conversion

Pricing: Default Plan $7/month

#8 Multiple Google Shopping Feeds by WoolyTech

Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds - Multiple Google Shopping Feeds
Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds – Multiple Google Shopping Feeds

Multiple Google Shopping Feeds app lets you manage Shopping Feeds from Multiple Languages, Multiple Currencies, and Multiple Domain Feeds.

The app can create feeds that are multilingual in nature and multi-currency using any of the translator apps like Langify, LangShop, Weglot, Multi Lingo, etc. also it supports multiple domains per store which can be easily connected to different Google Merchant Accounts.

The rule-based settings feature takes feed data customization to a whole new level by setting the chosen rules. If your store has diverse products then you can select the collections to be included n the feed groups.

Using the Variant Filters feature you can include a single variant or all variants or filter some of the variants by options which means you can feed multi-pricing portfolios to the desired country.

The app also has a feed builder that can help you navigate your way through the sophisticated feed data and make you focus on the important ones.

The feeds are updated instantly after making changes to the product data(like Price, Availability Status, etc.) whereas the file feeds are updated daily.

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial

Key Features:

  • Multilingual(translated) and Multicurrency feeds making your store’s products be accessible globally.
  • Multiple Channels supported via. the Content API and file formats including XML, TSV, CSV, for Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog, Bing Shopping, Pinterest, etc.
  • Ability to create high-quality feeds by settings intricate feed data like Categories, Gender, Age, etc. which is based on collection or product data.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Boutique $5.95/month | Growth $15.95/month | Business $25.95/month

#9 Shoppingfeed by Shoppingfeed Inc

Shoppingfeed by Shoppingfeed Inc

Shoppingfeed makes it easy to list, sync and manage your products and inventory with an array of popular shopping channels including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Google, and more.

The App can automatically create and let you manage product listing, sync inventory across all social channels, boost product visibility, and help increase your sales by selling and advertising on a number of ad spaces.

It protects your seller rankings by never overselling meaning if a product goes Out of Stock on a channel then each other channel goes out of stock for the same product.

The app can successfully list and manage products listed on places like Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, Buy On Google, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Houzz, and a plethora of other international channels.

Using the app you can easily manage the orders coming from various shopping channels directly from your Shopify Order Pane for quick and easy fulfillment. The orders placed on a channel are updated on your Shopify orders and once they have been fulfilled from Shopify it is alerted to the respective channel with the tracking and other info.

The unique ProductGraph technology makes it super easy to automatically assign the extra product data to the channels for better visibility and greater reach ensuring higher sales.

Free Trial: 14 Day Free Trial

Key Features:

  • Fully Compatible with other Shopify Apps including Shipstation, Zero, QuickBooks, ERP & PIM Systems, Zapier, etc.
  • Create New Listing or Sync Existing Listings in bulk on 1000+ Internation Channels using your Shopify Inventory on all the channels.
  • Unique ProductGraph powers product listings, by doing all the complex algorithmic calculations making the output look easy and crisp.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Shopify Special $50/month | US/UK/CA $199/month | Multi-National $399/month

#10 Omega Shopping Feeds by Omega Commerce

Omega Shopping Feeds by Omega Commerce

In this list of Best Shopify App for Product Feeds, Omega Shopping Feeds makes listing product feeds look easy. The app can let you generate and list products on 30+ marketplaces also allowing you to create custom XML or CSV feeds.

Within a few clicks, you can connect your store to the world’s major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks, price aggregators, review and product comparison sites, and more.

Dynamic Product Listings lets you create your own filters that specify the products to be included in the feed like excluding out-of-stock products from feed or exporting only the top-selling products.

It can automatically edit XML and CSV files thus updating your feeds as soon as you change your products in your Shopify store.

The app supports exporting feeds to various marketplaces like Amazon Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook, Shopzilla, Twenga, Become Europe, Bing Shopping, GetPrice, and many more.

The app also comes with free support that can be of great help if you end up with a broken feed or any other app-related issue.

Free Trial: 15 Days Free Trial

Key Features:

  • Save time by not manually updating XML and CSV files let the app automatically update the files when you Add, Remove, or Update the products on your Shopify Store.
  • Set Product Filters for each feed for boosting efficiency levels and attracting more visitors to convert them into repeated buyers.
  • The app lets you sell products on 30+ Marketplaces and helps you make new customers.

Pricing: Free Plan Available | Starter $19/month | Professional $29/month | Advanced $49/month

Final Thoughts

Above were the Top Best Shopify Apps for Product Feeds which can be of great use if you are in dire need of a Shopify Product Feeds Solution App that can take your store to new heights, improve the visibility of your business and generate more sales.

So, Who will be on the receiving end by using the Product Feed App?

Well, these apps are for most of the Store owners who want to save a lot of time, boost productivity, and most importantly for those who are looking to make their jobs a lot easier.

That’s all the information you need about installing a Shopify Product Feed App on your Shopify Store. Hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Let us know your take on the Product Feeds Apps also which app you liked the most and why. Adiós!

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